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To encourage the writing of short stories about the tradition of the Way of Saint James, the Association “Friends of the Way of Saint James of the Valencian Community” announces the TWELVE EDITION OF THE SHORT STORY PRIZES “VIEIRAGRINO” according to the following rules:

  1. The stories, inspired by the customs, history and tradition of the Way of Saint James, will be literary fiction although, to a greater or lesser extent, they may be based on the experiences of the pilgrim. Stories that have the characteristics of a short essay, more typical of a historical research prize, will not be accepted.
  2. The competition is open to people over the age of 18 who are normally resident in Spain and who have submitted only one work. The work, written in any language (as long as it is accompanied by the corresponding translation into any of the two official languages of the Valencian Community) must be original, unpublished and not awarded in any other contest, the author being obliged to withdraw his original if he had obtained any other award before the decision.
  3. The story, identified at the head of the first page with a title and a pseudonym, shall not exceed a maximum of seven DIN A4-sized pages. It must be submitted in quadruplicate and written at 1.5 spaces in Arial 12 font or similar, with the normal margins of a Word processor.
  4. It must be sent by post in an unmarked envelope addressed to the Association “Amigos del Camino de Santiago” of the Community of Valencia. C/ Jerónimo Muñoz, 32-bajo. 46007 VALENCIA. This envelope will contain the four copies of the story and another smaller envelope or escrow, closed, which in turn contains the identity, address, nationality and telephone number of the author. The outside of this envelope will contain the title of the work and the pseudonym used. The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2020. Envelopes deposited at the Post Office on that date will be valid.
  5. A first prize of 600 euros is established for the winner and another of 300 euros for the finalist, which may be declared void if the jury so considers. The jury, made up of people of recognized solvency in the literary and cultural field, will issue its unappealable decision in the month of November and the Association will make it public, after communicating it to the interested parties, in December.
  6. The authors of the works awarded by the Association must freely transfer to it in writing the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication of the winning work, without any limitation, and the authors, in turn, must cite the prize obtained in the event of total or partial reproduction of the winning work on their own account. Non-awarded stories will be destroyed by the organization after the awarding of the prizes. This will take place at a public event, the date and place of which will be announced in due course, and the winning authors must collect their award personally or, if there is a justified reason, by delegation.
  7. The fact of presenting oneself to this competition implies the acceptance of the previous rules, whose interpretation is subject to the criteria of the jury.