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The name is born from the union between “VIEIRA” and “PEREGRINO”, of the end-object and symbol, and of the protagonist-subject of the pilgrimage. VIEIRAGRINO was born from this coyunda.

This was the name of our Bulletin from number 0 (in that already distant September 1988). In that minimal bulletin nothing was said of the name nor of the monigote.

The Monigote

But the name demanded a character. He couldn’t float in space, he asked for a body. And this is how our beloved and friendly monkey was born.

In the already mentioned nº 0 he was present, he wore a wide hat with a daisy. His face was naive but cheerful.

In the number of February of the 89 already appears like frontis of our bulletin, and next to him, the one of “the door is opened to all…”, that reflects the spirit that must preside the Way and our Association.

Bulletin no. 4 (October 89) changes the monigote.

He wears funny boots and has become fatter and kinder. The hat has become smaller and more flexible, although it still retains the flower. It also wears a scallop on its wing.

It would be modified even more, concretely in the Bulletin of the 5º anniversary (the nº 15) they change some small details.

Eventually he found a companion and we introduce you to the Vieiragrina.