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Granja de Moreruela – Tábara (24,5 km)

You leave Granja de Moreruela towards the West, walk one and a half kilometres along the Camino de la Fuente and then turn right towards the Northwest along the Camino de la Aceña. At one point you will find three paths that go to the right, yours always ahead and, after about 3.5 kilometres, turn right at a right angle, go down a nice path until you get to the road at the level of Puente Quintos over the river Esla. As soon as you cross the bridge, the path turns left: it is a rocky path. If it rains or the slabs are wet, you have to be very careful because a slip can be dangerous. It is important to wear good shoes and staff. Follow the path watching the arrows. When you reach the rocks, the path climbs to the right until you reach the embankment. Your path will be wide and also long, try to distract yourself with the landscape and not think about what is missing because you may faint. The last stretch is forested and it seems that you will never get to Faramontanos.


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The church is dedicated to San Martín: the Baroque style main altarpiece is interesting.

  • Town Hall: Plaza Frontón, s/n. Tel: 980 595 029
  • Restaurant “Nemesio”: Calle La Fuente.

You leave towards the Campo de Deportes, cross the road that goes to Tábara and follow the road that for 2 kilometres goes west, to turn left and change direction south about 300 metres later, returning at this point to turn right.

When you reach some high-voltage posts, leave the wide path and continue straight on towards the Arroyo del Rincón: the tower of the church of Tábara is the first thing you see.


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You enter by the Asuncion Crossing.

Tábara is the homeland of León Felipe and his verses accompany us. The village was the domain of the Knights Templar. The Church of Santa María was consecrated in 1132, date to which corresponds the tower and the lateral walls, raised on the plot that occupied the primitive Mozarabic monastery of San Froilán of the IX century. A miniature codex with commentaries to the Apocalypse is preserved from this period. If the church is open you can see part of those wonders (reproductions). The interior and apse were rebuilt in the 18th century. The village is small and invites you to rest.

  • Town Hall: Plaza Mayor, 1. Tel: 980 590 015
  • Municipal Pilgrims’ Hostel: Camino Sotillo Street. They open at 14:00. Tel: 637 926 068. 14 places
  • Hostal “Galicia II”: Tel: 980 590 136
  • Centro de Turismo Rural “El Roble”: C/ Prado, 3. Tels: 980 590 300 / 650 629 969