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Toledo – Torrijos (33,8 km)

You leave Toledo through the Bisagra gate and Carlos III avenue, cross to the left and take the Promenade Circo Romano, then to the right by the avenue Mas del Ribero, in the roundabout we continue for this street until arriving at the petrol station, you go down by the sidewalk that there is next to it, until the roundabout, cross the pedestrian crossing and a few meters, is the first sign GR-239, a path on the right goes to the restaurant Talordo, pass in front of it and follow the river side by a walk that takes you parallel to it for a long time.

*(Attention, variant: “Camino del Sureste” through Noves, bike lane).

You go straight, parallel to the river. At the end of the walk you go to the left, you go out to a small road that carries a lot of traffic, with several roundabouts, due to the multiplication of urbanizations. At 1.8 km, this road goes away from the river to find a gravel quarry. At this point begins an ascent, follow this way without leaving it, to our left the hill Matanzas with 547 meters of altitude, it continues of forehead in west direction leaving to the right Casa de Monterrey and later also we leave to the right Casas de Estiviel.

Follow the road and pass by Casas de Bergonza. The road goes straight on to the Vega de la Cruz farm, turn left and after about 500 metres you pass the other side of the Guadarrama river over a small bridge. There is a house and the Hermitage of Cambrillos, now restored.

At the height of the hermitage, there is a path on the right, which is followed. Without leaving it and always in North direction you arrive at Rielves, located in the plain next to the stream of its name.


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The foundations of ancient Roman thermal baths, probably dating from the 3rd century, have been found in this town. A Wamba coin and an inscription referring to San Vicente Mártir were found from the Visigothic period. There are testimonies from the 12th century, as between 1175 and 1207 the monastery of Bernardas de San Clemente, of Toledo, was founded, which had possessions in this town. Rielves had a hermitage that served as a hospital. The parish church is dedicated to Santiago Apóstol.

In the bar in front of your path (crossing the road) you can get your strength back.

  • Town Hall: Plaza Primo de Rivera, 1. Tel: 925 743 471
  • Reception in Parish House: Calle Calvario s/n. Tel: 925 743 500 4 places
  • Hostel: Temporarily closed

*(Atención variante Camino del Sureste por Huecas).

Torrijos is close by, a manchega league = (5.5 Km.). You leave by the road that goes to Barcience, crossing the railroad track. The path is a pleasant walk, to the right you can see the peak of La Cruz de la Calera of 557 meters and the Castle of Barcience of the fifteenth century. You enter passing in front of the church of Santa María La Blanca with a Mudejar doorway.



In the 13th century it was the property of the prior of Uclés, of the order of Santiago. The Infante Don Enrique, Master of that Order, ceded this town, in 1421, to Don Alfonso Tenorio, advanced of Cazorla. In the mid-15th century, Henry IV granted the Casa de Silva the county of Cifuentes as well as other possessions, including Barcience.

  • Town Hall: Plaza Luciano Garrido. Tel: 925 760 718
  • Some Bars

Continue towards Torrijos along Jardines street, road de Arto and way de Barcience.


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You enter the city through Bailén Street, Puente Street and Arco de Toledo Park. The old 16th century Gothic-Renaissance collegiate church has a slender tower and magnificent masonry in the choir. Doña Teresa Enríquez, married to Don Gutierre de Cárdenas, commander of the Order of Santiago, is responsible for the construction of this church and the Franciscan Convent, a copy of the 16th century Gothic Convent of San Juan de los Reyes de Toledo. She was called “La loca del Sacramento” and was used to provide food to the hundreds of pilgrims who gathered for this reason in the square where the church is today.

The hospital of the Holy Trinity, “in which there is always hospitality for the sick… and in which they feed all the pilgrims who pass by”, called after the Christ of the Blood, was founded by Doña Teresa and Don Gutierre, and in one of the rooms of the hospital the statues of the founders were conserved, today in the Collegiate Church. Doña Teresa Enríquez also founded the Hospital de la Consolación.

Nothing remains of the old walls that surrounded the city, from the 15th century. Today you can see the palace of Pedro I, now the Town Hall.

  • Municipal Pilgrim Hostel: Callejón del Cura, 7. (Next to the Town Hall). See Reservation and Access instructions.
  • Town Hall: Plaza de San Gil, 7. Tel: 925 770 801, ext. 5.
  • Hotel El Mesón. C/ del Puente, 19. Tel: 925 760 400
  • Tourist Office: C/ del Cristo, 3. Tel.: 925 770 801. – Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – Saturdays: 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. – Sundays: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.