VIEIRAGRINO" Short Story Awards Ceremony in its twelfth edition

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The meeting was held by video-conference.
Composition of the Jury:
– Ana Noguera
– Angeles Fernandez
– Blas Muñoz
– Fruit Glory
Acting as secretary, Amparo Sánchez, secretary of the Asociación Amigos del Camino de Santiago de la Comunitat Valenciana.

Twenty-two stories were submitted to this twelfth call for applications, which were numbered consecutively in the order in which they were received. After long deliberation and consideration of the different themes and stories selected, three finalist stories were chosen, those numbered 1, 20 and 21, being chosen as the winner in story no. 20, Una ardua encomienda, and as runner-up in story no. 21, El peregrino de la Torre de Hércules.

Opened the envelopes and the escrows, the winners are:

1st José Luis Baños Vegas, Salamanca, with the story: “An arduous task”.

2nd Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Naranjo, Seville, with the story: “The Pilgrim of the Tower of Hercules”.

They were then phoned to say that they had won and to congratulate them.

The jury highlighted the quality of all the works received, and decided that the story “Una arua encomienda” was worthy of the first prize for its literary style, historical fiction and geographical precision. It also awarded the second prize to the story “The Pilgrim of the Tower of Hercules” for its originality and good narrative structure.

This year the awarding of prizes is suspended depending on the evolution of the pandemic.